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Pat Gamby - Prints and Paintings

Pat Gamby, ArtistPat Gamby prints and paintings are a unique collection of farm scenes created from egg tempura paints.  Pat is our very first fine art artist that Canvas Art Plus featured.  From the first time we view Pat Gamby paintings and prints we knew these were be perfect offering in our store.   We had the pleasure of meeting Pat and her husband in our studio in April, 2016.  I knew when I first saw Pat Gamby's paintings posted on Facebook that this art was not only unique but something very special.  We been able to take these original paintings and create an entire line of Pat Gamby prints that represent an true replication of her original painting. When we saw her originals our reaction was "wow - this is a true artist." The minute details, the shadows, the perspective, the colors are simply too difficult to put into words.  Working with super high resolution photographs and working hand in had we were able to create giclee' replicas of Pat Gamby's art that meet her exacting standards. 

About Pat Gamby
Artist Pat Gamby was born in 1956. She lives with her husband, Steve, on the farm they have operated for some twenty five years in Hardin County, Ohio. She started drawing when only four years old and encouraged by teachers amazed at her skill, began painting pictures as a teenager. Even when she was still in high school and without any formal training, she was doing artwork on commission. She really began to take her talent seriously when she and Steve were struggling to make a go of farming and she discovered that her paintings would sell almost as readily as the milk their dairy farm was producing. Countless pictures of rural life flowed from her brush.  At the same time she and Steve were raising a family, so her painting time was limited. But recently, with their three children raised and Steve retired from milking cows for less strenuous kinds of farming, she embarked on painting full time in a studio the couple built right on the farm. Along with paintings done on commission or inspired by her own keen eye for pastoral beauty. She loves to use egg tempera in her paints, a difficult medium but at least the eggs are handy-they come from her own chickens. Her usual subjects are scenes of rural life and animals.

Egg tempera was a primary method of painting from the first century until after 1500 when it was superseded by the invention of oil painting.  Pat uses this method of creating her own paints by hand in the a tradition artists using dating back 2,000 years. See the following video created by the Columbus Dispatch explaining in detail how Pat Gamby creates this unique form of art.


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