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Mystery Building on Farm - Ink on Canvas

General Features
  • High Quality Giclée Wrap
  • Latex Ink - Baked into Canvas
  • Made-to-Order in USA
  • Scratch Resistant
  • 200 Year Ink - Limited Edition
  • Full 1.5" Deep Canvas Wrap 
Outdoor Features
  • Waterproof Canvas, Inks & Frame
  • Anti-Theft Security Hardware
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners & Screws
  • Use in all Weather Conditions
  • Rain - Snow - Ice - Wind
  • Outdoors or High Humidity Rooms 

As we view this building one must ask - what's in it?  No walks, no driveway - just a building in the middle of a farm field.  One must assume there is a door on the other side that leads into the building.  It's a mystery that even the artist is not certain as this building is not accessible and the morning fog adds to the mystery.

High Quality Canvas Wrapped Giclée print created with latex inks which are baked into the canvas at 220 degrees resulting in inherently waterproofed art.  Use indoors or outdoors. Outdoor options include additional weatherproofing and anti-theft security hardware. Warranted against damage from fading, warpage, sagging, and scratches.  All natural 1.5" deep waterproofed eastern pine frame using environmentally safe organic materials.


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