Collection: Garry Wilcox, Photographer

> Click to Read More about Garry Wilcox Photography .... > Garry Wilcox retired in 2013 after 50 years working as an traffic engineer and 27 years of owning his own consulting business. This has given him the opportunity to devote more time to photography and other interests. In addition to being outside taking pictures, Garry spends a lot of time using photo editing tools like Adobe Lightroom.   He has a long standing interest in photography which dates back the 1970's. He worked in black and white during that time and had his own darkroom. He loved to try new things and even built a view camera, which was a great learning experience. In the late 1980's and the decade of 1990 he focused on starting a business and getting married.  

As digital photography became a reality his interest in photography was rekindled. With digital photography it is possible to take a lot of pictures without spending a lot of money since it is not necessary to print the pictures to view and enjoy them. This provided him with almost unlimited opportunities to experiment and learn. Garry has expanded his photography skills by attending meetings with local photographers that he found through the “Meetup” online service that helps facilitate meetings for groups with similar interest such as photography. In 2014 he worked with a mentor to further improve his photography.  Most of Garry's portfolio consists of birds, landscapes and cityscapes. Many of the landscape photographs were taken at sundown using a process called HDR (high dynamic range) This process helps maintain detail in both the light and dark areas of the picture.

In addition to photography Garry enjoys woodworking. He and his wife Carol live near Plain City, Ohio. They spend a lot of time working in the yard and visiting family and friends. They have several bird feeders in their backyard and enjoy watching the birds, including a pileated woodpecker that occasionally visits them. Most of the bird pictures in his porfolio were taken in their backyard.

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