How our canvas art is made

How do we create our canvas art?

 Prior to taking the steps of creating our canvas art we must select the art that we will feature in our store. Only a select few will make the "final cut" of the thousands submitted for review. We have a "Board of Review" who examines each print to ascertain the artistic worthiness of the art submitted to us from across the country. Once approved the following steps are taken to create the print: 

Creating the Canvas Art.

 We print each piece of art using 200 year rated latex ink. Latex is safe for the environment and safe for our artists, our employees and for your home and family. This prints are 100% solvent-free and  VOC free.  In addition, latex inks have a much longer life than tradition photographic ink-jet inks or environmentally unsafe solvent inks.

 Poly Canvas Media.

 Each piece of work is printed and embedded into a special proprietary poly canvas material that is 100% waterproof.  When water contacts the print - the moister is temporarily absorbed into the material and dissipates without loosing any vibrancy, saturation, texture.  This is possible because the ink is physically fused to the substrate through our proprietary application, heating and curing process. 

Baked in Ink and Curing.

After the ink is applied to the canvas we bake the ink directly into the canvas at 220 degrees and then it is cured for 24 hours. This process results in the ink being physically bonded into the canvas.  Prints purchased from other online retailers are either ink-jet inks that simply lie on a outer layer coating or they are chemically adhered using dangerous solvent based inks made in China.  Only Canvas Art Plus offers artistic latex ink prints for both indoor and outdoor use.

Stretching the Canvas.

Once the canvas art is printed, heated and cured we wrap the canvas art around the frame.  the frame is waterproofed using a proprietary organic wood preservative that prevents moisture and mildew from destroying the frame and prevents also warping.  We also use all stainless steel fasteners and staples to completely eliminate any risk of rust damaging your print if used outdoors or indoors. 

Outdoor Option.

When the outdoor option is selected we add an additional layer of protection to the canvas using a special coating that is applied to the canvas after printing  giving your print even more protection from the elements including rain, snow, and dirt. We also include special hardware for hanging that protects the print from wind and also from theft. Using the combined methods above the canvas is wrapped around the waterproof stretcher bars giving you a true museum quality print that will last for generations indoors or for several seasons outdoors.

Security Hardware.

When ordering art for outdoor use, included is hardware that make the art theft resistant and wind resistant.  

Made in the USA.

All labor, materials, equipment, tools, inks and canvas are made in the United States and assembled in Powell Ohio by American labor. All materials, inks, canvas, and fastners are all sourced with American companies. Made in America - Flag