Commercial Printing Services

Hey, do you have a retail store, restaurant, medical facility, or office that needs some seriously awesome art or photography? Well, lucky for you, Canvas Art Plus has got you covered with all sorts of commercial printing options.

Art display in commercial building

We're talking framed art, canvas wraps, and photographic services that can be totally customized to fit your specific needs. Our canvas wraps are especially perfect for commercial environments because the inks in our prints are like super bonded with the substrate, making them totally waterproof and resistant to all sorts of dirt and grime.

And get this - our commercial prints are actually warranted for up to 5 years against fading or warping when displayed indoors, and up to 2 years when displayed outdoors. In reality these prints should last for many decades as the inks used are rated with a life of over 200 years.  That's how much we believe in the quality of our work.

We've provided custom art and photography services to all sorts of places, like hospitals, medical offices, law firms, retail stores, restaurants, and even factories. No matter what your business is, we've got the experience and expertise to create something truly amazing just for you.

Outdoor art displayed on a brick wall

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and let's create some seriously stunning commercial prints together!  We can also create custom images specific to the type of endeavor or service your company or firm provides.  We have expert photographers and illustrators to create the images to fit your needs.  Give us a call to discuss.

Don't forget, if you have an outdoor area, we can create outdoor art for you customers, patients and patrons to enjoy.