Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I customize my images?

Yes, you can customize the canvas prints and framed prints. You can choose the size, shape, and orientation of the canvas print. You can also add a frame or a border if you like. However, you cannot change the image itself except on special request.  We hope you understand that we want to preserve the originality and quality of the images.

What is the shipping and delivery time?

Most orders are processed within 2-4 days.  Most items ship from Central Ohio and averages around 2 days to locations east of the Mississippi and 3 days west of the Mississippi.   West coast states may take up to 4 days shipping time.

What is the shipping cost?

Prints over $99 are free from shipping costs.  Items under $99 are a flat rate of $9.99.  Our shipping policy may vary and your exact cost will be clearly shown at checkout.

What is the weight of Canvas Prints and Framed Prints?

Our large 40" canvas prints are lightweight and range between 5-7 pounds.  Our smaller canvas prints weight between 2-4 pounds.  All canvas prints come with all necessary hardware.  Our framed photographic prints varies greatly in weight but typically is anywhere from 2 pounds to 10# for very large prints. 

Does Hanging Hardware come with the prints?

All Canvas wrapped prints and framed prints come with all the necessary hardware to hang your print indoors.  Our outdoor prints and easily be hung on most walls, but brick may require some professional assistance from a professional.