Product Variations from the Website

Color variations - our colors are calibrated to match the original image, and our monitors and our printer are also calibrated to match the original image. Our calibration equipment and monitor cost thousands of dollard to accomplish this.   Unless you are a full-time professional artist or graphic designer it is highly unlikely your screen is calibrated to Adobe RGB standards and the image you see on the screen will differ from the original image.  Also, different browsers show images differently. We can not guarantee to the color of the print you receive will match the website, and likely will not.

Example:  When you go to buy a TV in a big box store, you may see dozens of different TVs showing the same video.  Typically, these images differ vastly due to color calibration and resolution. The same is true with computer monitors.

Image Ratio - the typical image ratio shown on our main photo is likely 4:3 or 3:4.  Different product sizes will be different ratios for each product:  24:18, 30:24, 10:8, 14:11, etc.  In order to fit the image to the ratio, we will crop or expand a portion of the image to fit the ratio and may vary from the image shown.

Image Resolution - the image viewed on our website is typically around 2,000 pixels wide.  The actual image received may be much larger.  Depending on the resolution of the original image, the store may not show any pixilation that may show on a larger print viewed close up.  Large canvas prints are designed to be viewed at a distance where any pixilation will be minimal (if any).  Photographs that are framed are designed to show no pixilation.  

Please visit our "Viewing Distance" page to read more.