How to Hang Artwork Using Z-Bar Clips

Depending on the size of your art, you will receive either one or 2 sets of Z-Bar Hanging Clips.  You will also receive one or 2 sets of T-Screw Security Hardware for outdoor prints. There are several YouTube videos that will explain how to hang your canvas art piece.  Following are just a couple. The first video shows a very long Z Bar for a heavy mirror. Your canvas art is much lighter so just use the included hardware. If you are mounting to something other than wood, you may want to hire the services of a carpenter to assist you in properly mounting the art to stucco, brick or other non-wood siding.


Video 1 - How to Hang your Art.  The following video is from a company not related to Canvas Art but is a good video to give you an idea on how to hang you art.  Instead of using a wrench as pictured - using a pair of needle nose pliers works well also.  


Video 2- How to Hang a Heavy Mirror Using a Z-Bar Clips - the following video show how to hang a heavy item using a long Z Bar.  The concept is the same - just using the  included Z-Bars (one or two depending on the size of your art. 



Video 2- How to install security T-Screw (for outdoor art)