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Warranty - Weatherproof Prints


No hassle warranty. Each of our prints are created using 200 year rated inks and printed on a waterproof canvas. The inks are then baked into the canvas and cured, giving you a true waterproof print for indoor or outdoor use. Our prints are warranted for 5 years for indoor use against any fading or warping. If properly cared for your print should last for many decades. If you select the print for outdoor use, it is warranted for 2 years against any fading or warping.

Care Instructions

Indoor - simply dust the print with a light feather duster as needed. Outdoor - The less elements the print is exposed to, the longer the print will last. We've had customers whose prints have been hanging for more than 7 years. Dust prints as needed. For dirtier print, clean with plain water or a mild detergent soap for heavier dirt. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning with clean plain water.