About us

Canvas Art Plus was created with the goal of creating true archival quality prints that is not only affordable, but can be proudly displayed for many decades with out the fear of fading, warping or cracking.  We offer both Canvas prints for indoor and outdoor use and prints created on high end Epson photographic archival paper.

Canvas Wrapped Prints
Each of our canvas prints is created using the Giclée method of printing which is simply a fancy French term meaning "to spray"  using latex archival inks. Our inks have been certified to last over 200 years. We spray latex inks onto the canvas using very high end ink jet commercial photographic printer and then we literally bake the inks into the canvas and allow it to cure.  The result is a true archival quality canvas print.  We also offer the weatherproofing options so it can be display outdoors without fear of damage from the sun, wind, rain or snow.

Photographic Prints
While our initial focus is on canvas prints we also offer photographic prints and specialty prints for residential and commercial work.  We also collaborate with photographers and artists to display and offer their works in our store. 

We are located in Liberty Township, Ohio just north of Columbus, OH.  Our principals has been creating and selling fine art canvas wraps and prints for over 15 years.    


Questions?  We can discuss your needs via phone, zoom, email or in person by appointment.  Custom visual projects start at $250.

Our company warehouse is located at:

425 Village Park Drive
Powell, OH 43065