Coronavirus Virus - Be Safe - Stay Home - Wash your Hands - How we are helping


We are Open for Business during this crisis!  How we are helping by doing our part.


Coronavirus Image

This devastating virus has impacted every American life as well as millions across the globe.   Everyone in the U.S. can do their part by simply following the suggestions of our public health officials.  As of this writing, the Governor in Ohio has ordered all non-essential businesses to close its door and we have complied.  All of our staff are now working from home.  We are fortunate to have the sort of business that allows this. 

Our prints are still being created in our studio but only the owner is allowed in the facility to minimize any risk.  Our machines are sanitized at the start of each workday and at the end of each workday.

During the transport of our product to your home or business there is always a very small chance of contamination by the carrier.  The best thing you can do is simply leave your package in the garage or elsewhere for 24 hours, which is the recommended time period to assure any virus can not be transferred.  You can also open the package and dispose of the packaging and wash your hands immediately.

We pray for all of fellow citizens throughout the United States and the world.  Be safe - stay home if you are able to - wash your hands often.  God Bless you and keep you safe.


Note:  Our policy may change as required and prudent and will be updated as necessary.