Fresco Art - Cracked Fresco Art

Fresco Painting is a type of painting that uses water-based pigment ink and is typically painted onto walls - traditionally these were plaster walls.  The term fresco is Italin for "fresh" because the inks are applied to fresh wet plaster so the colors sink into the plaster giving it deep rich saturated colors.  Because these inks, which were created by combining dry powder pigments in water, which were dried and set with plaster, making the art a permanent part of the plaster wall or ceiling.

This was an art form used by the ancient Romans and became extremely popular during the Italian Renaissance including paintings by Michelangelo paintings in the Sistine chapel and many others in the Vatican.  Fresco painting has been around for a vary long time dating back to the bronze age around 1600 BC.  Cracked Fresco ArtThe term "cracked fresco art" is simply the aging process in which cracks appeared in the plaster over time.  Fresco art was superseded by the mid 16th century by oil based inks and oil paintings have been a popular art form ever since. 

Canvas Art Plus has replicated the Cracked Fresco Art on several of our pieces utilizing modern digital techniques to give the art the appearance of cracked fresco art but on canvas.  In the future we will be introducing an entire line of this art form featuring both contemporary art and photography as well as some of the traditional master paintings.  Cracked Fresco Art - Sistine Chapel

Do you have a photo you'd like converted into a Cracked Fresco Art piece?  Let us know. You can upload a photo and one of our artist can create an original unique piece just for you.