How our prints are created to be weatherproofed?

People are very interested in how we weatherproof our art for outdoor use.  Canvas Art Plus has researched a variety of waterproofing techniques over the last 7 years and came up with a proprietary system of waterproofing that is unique.  While we can't share all of our secrets we can tell you that it all begins with the canvas itself and the ink that is applied.  Our canvas is a special polyester created for Canvas Art that is inherently waterproof.   In addition we literally bake our inks at 225-235 degrees into the canvas where the ink and canvas bond as one.  Most prints claiming to be waterproof are really photographic ink jets designed for indoor use that have simply had a waterproofing coating added that simply do no hold up for more than a few weeks.  

After creating the bonded canvas and ink we add an additional layer of waterproofing that simply helps repel the water and allows the canvas to dry quicker when wet.  

One of the big problems with weatherproofing outdoor canvas is finding the right materials in which to stretch the canvas.    Our competitors have used PVS, Vinyl, metal and a variety of materials that are not environmentally friendly and simply  do not hold up well to the extreme elements.

We developed a method of true waterproofing using all natural environmentally friendly materials starting with sold finger jointed pine stretcher bars that have been treated with a proprietary all natural product that protects the bars from rain, sun, mold, decay and insects.  It is 100% UV resistant and resists mold.  This treatment protects the wood against spiting, warping and twisting.  It is VOC free and non toxic and is completely clear.  

Attachment - our canvas is stretched over the weatherproof bars and adhered using high quality stainless steel staples that will not rust.  In addition our hanging system is made from rust proof aluminium, galvanized fasteners or stainless steel screws.

We also provide anti-theft anti-wind hardware that you attach to the print when hanging outdoors.  This prevents the print from being removed without a special tools and keeps the print in place protected against winds up to 80 mph.  This system is also perfect for use in public places when art tends to get touched and moved around.  Our secure hardware insures the product stays in place.