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Welcome to Canvas Art Plus

Canvas Art Plus offers a variety of fine art photography, fine art original reproductions, and a limited selection of original art.  We also provide photographic services for artists and photographers.  Have an original piece you would like reproduced?  Let us know - from family portraits to high end fine art we are experts at reproductions at high resolution and superb quality.  Historically we have provided a variety of outdoor art known as "Weatherprints" which can be used indoor or outdoor.    We offer large canvas wrapped with standard sizes up to 40" wide and custom sizes up to 54" wide.   Custom framing services available as well.  Give us a call at 888-999-6286 or email us. 

Canvas Prints Wall Art & Fine Art Photography for Indoor & Outdoor

Canvas Art Plus creates wrapped museum quality canvas prints to be displayed as your own unique wall art. All of our canvas wall art pieces are the highest quality canvas prints available created using 200 year latex inks. Each canvas art piece is created from original oil paintings, watercolors, photo art, or other art form. These canvas art prints are American made-to-order in our studio in Liberty Township, Ohio. Every canvas art starts with photo art created from an original painting, pencil art, photography or a mixed media creation that is transformed into museum quality canvas wrapped wall art for your home or office.

Custom Canvas Wall Art

In addition to the our standard collections and sizes we create custom canvas prints including custom large canvas prints up to 54” wide by 120” long or more. Have a photo or piece of art you’d like reproduced on canvas? Let us know, we can transform your photograph, pencil art, watercolor art, oil painting or any medium into beautiful wrapped photo art prints on canvas. We offer complete photographic reproduction services for your art. Our canvas print services are unsurpassed in quality and reproduction accuracy. Need an oil painting look for your family? Let us know, we have artist that can convert you photo into oil painting that is then transformed onto our fine art canvas prints. To learn more about how we create our canvas art prints visit How our canvas art is made. While our pieces are photo art prints these custom canvas prints are nearly identical to the original piece. Click here to upload you own photography or art.

Source of our Canvas Art

While offering the highest quality canvas art available each piece is originally created by an artist using a variety of creation methods including oil paintings, pencil art, watercolor art, acrylic art, mix media, photography and digital art. Each piece is unique to our company and is only sold through us or one of our artist or authorized dealer.

Outdoor Art

Long known for our "Weatherprints" brand we have expanded to include a wide variety of canvas art both our own art collection or your art or photography that are custom made-to-order. Each canvas art print is created using 200 year latex inked baked into the canvas and cured, giving you a lifetime of enjoyment when displayed indoors and up to five years when displayed outdoors. What makes our product unique is the ability to display your wall art either indoor art or as outdoor art that is resistant to sun, rain, snow and ice.

Are you an Artist or Photographer?

Whether you are a seasoned professional photographer or artist or just starting out, we can reproduce your art into a piece that you would be proud to display. Note to photographers – try our services for your large photo art prints for that family portrait or wedding photography.  We’ve created pieces from artist of elementary school age to seasoned fine art photographers and artists.  Visit our page to learn more about how you can transform you own art into a beautiful canvas art piece to offer your customers directly or through Canvas Art Plus. If you are an artist , please click here. If you are a photographer, please click here.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a canvas print?

A canvas print is a reproduction of an image or artwork printed on a high-quality canvas fabric. Canvas prints are popular because they have a textured and artistic look that resembles a painting. Canvas prints are also durable and easy to maintain.

What is a stretcher bar frame?

A stretcher bar frame is a wooden frame that is used to mount a canvas print and give it a gallery-like appearance. A stretcher bar frame consists of four pieces of wood that are joined together at the corners. The canvas print is wrapped around the edges of the frame and stapled on the back.

What is the difference between gallery wrap and museum wrap?

Gallery wrap and museum wrap are two types of ways to wrap a canvas print on a stretcher bar frame. Gallery wrap means that the image is wrapped around the edges of the frame and stapled on the back. Museum wrap means that a solid color (usually white or black) is used on the edges instead of the image.

How do I choose the right size of stretcher bar frame for my canvas print?

The size of the stretcher bar frame depends on the size of your canvas print and how much of the image you want to wrap around the edges. You can use our online calculator to find the best size for your canvas print. You can also customize your own size if you have specific requirements.

How do I order a canvas print and a stretcher bar frame from Canvas Art Plus?

You can order a canvas print and a stretcher bar frame from Canvas Art Plus in a few simple steps. First, upload your photo or choose from our gallery of images. Second, choose the size and shape of your canvas print and select the type of wrap you want. Third, choose the style and size of your stretcher bar frame and add any accessories you need. Fourth, review your order and proceed to checkout. We will print your canvas, assemble your frame, and ship it to you in no time.

How do I hang my framed canvas print on the wall?

You can hang your framed canvas print on the wall using different methods depending on the size and weight of your artwork. You can use nails, screws, hooks, wires, brackets, or adhesive strips. You can also use our hanging kit that comes with everything you need to hang your artwork securely and safely.

How do I care for my framed canvas print?

You can care for your framed canvas print by following some simple tips. You should avoid direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity. You should dust your artwork regularly with a soft cloth or a feather duster. You should not use any chemicals or abrasive materials to clean your artwork.

What are some of the best museums and galleries to visit for art lovers?

There are many museums and galleries around the world that showcase amazing artworks from different genres and periods. Some of the most famous ones are: The Louvre in Paris,France: The largest and most visited art museum in the world, home to iconic artworks such as the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. he Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, USA: The largest art museum in North America, featuring over two million artworks from various cultures and eras, such as ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Japan, Europe, America, Africa, and more.
- The Vatican Museums in Vatican City: A complex of museums and galleries that display the vast collection of art and artifacts owned by the Pope and the Catholic Church, including the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, and the Pinacoteca.
- The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy: One of the oldest and most renowned art museums in Europe, housing some of the finest masterpieces of Renaissance art, such as Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, Leonardo da Vinci's Annunciation, Michelangelo's Doni Tondo, and more.
- The National Gallery in London, UK: One of the most visited art museums in the world, containing over 2,300 paintings from various schools and periods, such as Van Gogh's Sunflowers, Monet's Water Lilies, Turner's The Fighting Temeraire, and more.